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An eventful ride for all the wrong reasons! More later.

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Eleven riders set off from the Ivy Cafe in Meltham, including new RSF members Lawrence and Paul.

The ride was planned to go out of Meltham past Deer Hill Reservoir and up the Wessenden Valley, following  Deer Hill Conduit to maintain height, then drop down into Holmfirth. When we approached Deer Hill End Rd., however, low mist and clouds shrouding Holme Moor suggested this route was a bad idea, especially with new riders. I decided to change the route, keeping the ride lower, compact and more centric to Meltham.

Skirting Meltham Cop, past Blackmoorfoot Reservoir , Crosland Moor airfield heading towards Dean Clough. In Dean Wood,  Clare managed to fall down the sheer drop to the side of the trail (whilst pushing)! Those who witnessed the accident couldn`t believe their eyes as Clare, in full stunt woman mode, rolled down the banking leaving her bike wedged  by a tree at the top near the trail! Fortunately no bones were broken and when we eventually retrieved Clare. (Thanks Paul) she was able to continue the ride for a later than anticipated lunch at Hinchcliffes Farm Shop & Cafe.

After lunch we went to Honley via Mag Wood, returning to Meltham through Honley Woods.
I hope the newbies were not put off by the accident?  Time will tell? Their next ride will be a Saddo. Guess who is leading?


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