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Three, new to me, riders posted their intention to ride today.  Welcome to John & Lynne Rooney and Anthony Hunt. Together with Phil (Kermit)Spencer,  five riders set off in good dry conditions to enjoy the countryside around Meltham.

The ride on offer could be 22.5, 18.0, or 15.5 miles long depending on how things turned out.  The decision regarding the route to be decided at the cafe stop  in Marsden. After 12.5 relatively easy warm-up miles, and a break at the Marsden Moose Cafe,  everybody opted for the 18.0 mile route which included the challenging climb up the Wessenden Valley.

Including the three technical sections linking the reservoirs of Butterley, Blakeley, Wessenden & Wessenden Head. The climb was not helped by a southerly headwind and misty , cold clouds the further we ascended. Arriving at Wessenden Head we dropped down the

Greenfield Rd. into better weather,  before turning off to ride down Magdalen Road bridleway ( probably the best off- road descent) into Meltham.


I hope the newcomers enjoyed the ride? A harder one next time? especially as John still had the energy to ride home afterwards, declining

a lift back with Lynne!