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Horton in Ribblesdale Ride, 2nd July 2023


A Pennine Journey up Horton Scar


We three (Ian Wood ride leader, Paul Wood no relation a new member and myself) set off from Horton in Ribblesdale car park, the one with toilets (£5.50 for the day, for the parking that is !) at 10:15AM. A short distance to the right along the road then a left and straight onto rough stuff, up towards Horton Scar. A brief diversion and stop at Hull Pot for a look see and some pictures. Ian remembered it being full to the top with water some years back. That’s a lot of water, not much if any yet today.


Hull Pot


As we ascended Horton Moor and on to Foxup Moor the full FORCE of the wind helped us but could also throw your balance. The route here is marked as ‘A Pennine Journey’ on OS maps and it certainly is. Some great views of Plover, Pen-y-Ghent and more, down into some lovely, soft green valleys in this light.

Ian & John surveying Halton Gill & Littondale


Dropping down into Foxup we took the opportunity for a wee snack etc and temporary shelter from a brief rain shower. A little hay barn with a large hole in the roof ! severed the purpose.

Barn with a view !


A short section of tarmac then took us almost to Halton Gill where we took a left and zigged a zagged UP the track to take us over Horse Head Moor. It was a tough, gusty climb even for Ian (see the picture) and even myself, the only cheat on a Ebike.



Ian, missing the view down Littondale


We stopped near the top for our proper lunch in some sunshine but sheltered from that wind behind a wall. Cracking views especially back down into Litton Dale. From here, I think, I remember an ‘interesting’ decent down into Yockenthwaite and Langstrothdale. Some bits, I’d like to forget. But I stayed on just, check your brakes and be very careful in all conditions. Walk carefully down the gnarly bits, I did.

At Yockenthwaite we took a left onto the tarmac now into the wind. On up the valley, we went left or more accurately, straight on through the gate at Beckermonds onto the single track road.

There was a little traffic here but going where ? We held the gates for them, then they held the gates for us, when they came back. On up through Low Greenfield to High Greenfield and the fields were Green.

At High Greenfield where the tarmac finishes, there is a very welcome ‘Honesty Snack Shack’ just 6ft by 4ft in garden pastel green. The seating is all ‘al fresco’. A large thermos of hot water and drinks sachets had been provided and were used to make Hot Chocolate. Crisps and biscuits are also available. Many thanks.

Honesty Snack Shack


On up the track, the forest gave some shelter from the wind which was now in our faces. We came out of this shelter onto Low Birkwith Moor. It wasn’t raining, mostly sunny but through scuttling clouds. Making good progress through many fords and puddles we rapidly descended past more ‘holes’. Was it Sell Gill Holes ? where Ian pointed out the wet and dry entrances to it, down into a large cavern, we didn’t try either !

Paul 'Ford' Allan 'Gate'


More great views as we dropped back into Horton in Ribblesdale.

Back in my car and driving out of H in R the heavens opened, we dodged that one.

A great ride and a good day out, thanks Ian and Paul.

About 19 miles and 2800 of ascent.

Photos by Ian Wood and the author,

Allan Henson