RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here

Well, this was another great success, about 30 members turned up at St Katherine's and were rewarded with fantastic weather, great rides, great company over the two days. On Saturday there were multiple rides (at least 4 to my knowledge) to suit all abilities in this great cycling area (jealous) and of course, some folk opted to do their own thing. Finally, on Saturday the committee meeting was held. again well attended but it only took an hour and was a pretty straightforward affair (the minutes will appear on the website when approved). Some members chose to travel home on Sunday but again due to the excellent weather many chose to take part in the rides (at least 3 this time) some did a bit of hiking and once again some did their own thing. A couple of members actually arrived Thursday and so rode on Friday but I don't think anyone rode on Monday.