RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here

I fancied a ride a little longer than the normal Saturday ride so I worked out my own. Basically starting from Cafe d Lune at Glasson Dock and then up to Lancaster and then down Morecambe Promenade to St Patricks Chapel (Heysham), I wanted to see the graves in the rock. The nine of us then had lunch and a natter at Half Moon Bay cafe whilst having a look at "The Ship" by Anna Gillespie we then set off to head for the river Lune and follow up the western bank to the aqueduct, unfortunately the route I chose to get to the Lune was rather busy - Oxcliffe Road, Mellishaw Lane and Lancaster Road (all of which is best avoided) but then plain sailing up to and across the Aqueduct (despite doubters) and following the Lancaster Canal south until we met the Glasson canal spur which we followed pretty much back to the start. All in about 28miles (plus a bit when I took a wrong turn) no rain and in fact sunshine towards the end as can be seen by Micks shadow in the last photo - there were at least 5 locks on the Glasson Branch none on the Lancaster Canal.