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Do you have a route you want to share, a GPX file to upload or a link to a website that would be useful or interest other members? Would you like to be able to add your own ride to the events calendar for other members to see and perhaps join you? If the answer is yes then sign up here to create an account and be able to login and use our upload facility on the Gpx routes page or add links to the 'Useful links' section.....unless of course the weather is nice. In which case you shouldn't be indoors looking at a computer screen, go ride your bike. We'll still be here later.

If you're not a paid up member of The RSF you won't be able to upload routes or add rides but you can still download from our growing Gpx collection, we just restrict the number of files you can download at any one time.

When you submit you registration request we will send an email to the account you entered in the form which will contain an activation link. Click this and your account will be fully functional

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