Detective Work?Except for a brief aberration in the 2000's the 6th journal in any volume contains a compehensive index, if you browsing that is a good place to start, but what if you are looking for something particular............?


Searching our journal archive is pretty straightforward if you remember a few basics. It's done in two stages the first of which is to enter a search term in the search box on the right. Depending on how popular the term is - Salter Fell - for example you may well get a lot of hits and journals containing a result, a remote bit of Norway perhaps only one, try Sognefjell for example. if you have a lot of journals to search through the index (always No.6) is a good place to start perhaps a particular article will suggest itself?


As another example if you enter No.6 in the search box you get all index journals numbered 6 - if you enter Norway No.6 you get just those with the index but also containing a reference to Norway. That way you should be able to narrow the field down a bit.


Having decided on a particular journal you may wish to search it's contents rather than read through. You have the option of viewing or downloading, either way when you have it open in front of you use the keyboard combination Crtl-F to open another small search field, enter the word/s you are looking for and proceed from there.


We know it's not perfect but it does help narrow the field down and you never know, you may find something you weren't looking for but you'll just have t go and ride......????