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2016 March-April Vol 61 No.2

2016 March-April Vol 61 No.2

Then came along the ‘mountain bike’ and boy did it upset people! It wasn’t a ‘proper bike’, the riders were ‘ill disciplined’, and it was just another fad that wouldn’t catch on! Oh well someone got that one wrong eh? But anyway once things had settled down again, everyone appeared to get along fine. Everyone knew their place and on the odd occasion the ranks even crossed over each other. You know touring cyclists riding MTB’s, mountain bike riders hurtling around the track, racing cyclist putting slicks on MTB’s and using them as winter trainers! But little did they know what was to come... Okay we can blame it on Brad, blame it on Cav, blame it on Vicky, blame it on the boogie? But they’re here to stay!...THE MAMIL!!...

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Created Date: 12-09-2021
Last Updated Date: 06-15-2022
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