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Off road cycle touring or 'bike packing' has become the latest big thing but did you know that RSF members were doing this nearly 70 years ago and even before that?

Here you can read about our members exploits and find every journal and article  that has been published or scanned to date, we are adding all the time to this unusual, insightful and unique record of  off road cycling, cycle touring and 'bike packing' since the fifties.

We've broken them down by decade and then year and there is a handy tree menu on the right to help speed up navigation.

The archive is fully searchable - there is a quick 'how to' at this link

We must point out that all content in the journals is copyright either of the RSF or the author or indeed both. It's use without permission will result in a stiff memo. If you would like to use an article or images please contact the general secretary in the first instance


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