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RSVP An Overview



1. What is RSVP 

This is an extension to the calendar with the intention of making ride leaders jobs a bit easier. Members can easily let a leader know they will be coming on a ride with one mouse click. Benfits are that a leader has a better idea of numbers coming and will they all fit in the cafe. A member may for some reason say 'yes I'm coming and then need to cancel so they simply log in and change their status to not coming, the system informs the leader who now doesn't have to wait because he knows you can't make it. Equally if the leader changes date, venue, start time or cancels the ride you will get an instant update which may save you hanging around in the wrong car park. Yes. it has happened!

2. Cancelling a ride

There is a difference between what is seen as an administrator and what a member would see. The difference being the dustbin icon. In fig 1 when logged in as a registered RSF member there is no bin. It is also important to remember that a ride creator also has admin permissions for their own rides only and will also see the dustbin icon

attendloggedinFig 2 Logged in as event creator or adminattendloggedrsfFig 1: Logged in as RSF member


The next important question is what is the bin for? If you decide to cancel a ride because the café’s shut or whatever reason then as the ride creator/admin you can inform attendees by ciicking each bin icon which tells the system to send the generic ride cancelled email to that member. You would then go and write cancelled in big letters across your ride in the calendar for those who didn’t let you know.

If an attendee wishes to change their status to for example they simply log in and click the ‘maybe’ radio button followed by ‘register my selection’ then the system would show the change and send the ride creator an email saying so and so member has just changed status to maybe.


3. Sending custom emails

Custom emails are incredibly useful tools with numerous applications. As always you will need to be logged in. When viewing the attendees list you will see a link underneath 'members on this ride'

If you click this link irt will lead to and admin type page where you can, with one click, select all attendees and then from the various options choose to 'email selected'. You are now on a standard editing page where you can compose and send your email

You can use these to inform members that the ride start time or meeting point has changed or you can send a custom email explaining why you had to cancel the ride as the cafe had alas run out of bacon butties that day!. 

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