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With the release of the final batch of scanned journals (1955-1959) the digitising project is finally complete. I'd like to thank various parties who helped along the way with finding, adding, and clarifying why there were only x journals in such and such a year. Pre 1963 all journals were sent in hand written and then typed out by a willing volunteer before photocopying, some of the typing is a little faded, partly with the progress of time, partly because I suspect the old ribbon was a bit worn but are quite legible nonetheless.

My thanks go to those who helped out with various things along the way without which I'd still be working away at this

Each edition is available to read online or download for our members (problem getting access? Contact Gary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we've made the first edition in each year available to all.


We hope you enjoy browsing, searching for exotic locations or route ideas or simply reading the letters to the editor ;-)

you can find it at this link under the about us' section

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