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Our Rides

All our rides are leisurely, easy-paced, non-competitive social events suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities who ride for the enjoyment of the countryside and the open road. They can be accomplished on almost any type of cycle, perhaps with the exception of a light-weight racing machine although you are welcome to try! We usually call at a cafe for lunch during the ride, or if you prefer, bring a picnic. It is also advisable to bring a snack and a drink for during the ride but there will nearly always be sufficient rest stops.



garstanglancsWe have a great selection of rides on different days each month, multi-day camping or hostelling trips and family friendly rides - so there is something for everybody's cycling taste - just have a look at the Events Calendar .Our routes use a mixture of quiet roads, by-ways, tracks and bridleways and mileages usually vary between 15/35 miles. Under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

 And, just in case you might be put off because you worry about keeping up or how hard/far is the ride going to be - you don't have to worry about that with us. We do genuinely try to ride at the pace of the slowest person, keeping the group together and supporting each other. Though it is always a good idea to look behind occasionally to check that the following rider is still there and not two miles back with a puncture -it might be you who has to ride back and find them - probably uphill!

 To help here's a guide to the way we grade our rides:

Easy---up to 15 miles, on or off-road, gentle runs and generally all ride-able.

Moderate---up to 25 miles off-road or 35 miles on-road, off-road sections ride-able for most cyclists.

Hard---anything more than moderate! Some riders may prefer to walk along some of the more difficult off-road sections.

The weather prior to the day can sometimes affect the ground conditions and therefore change the route grading so it might be an idea to contact the ride organiser. The route profile, hazards and other conditions are also taken into consideration, so hopefully our rating should give you a fair idea of what to expect.


Our Area Secretary; Georgie, is always looking for new routes and ideas for rides. Suggestions are always welcomed & should you also wish to lead a ride, please get in touch. You can contact Georgie here.