Some General Information First


The RSF has members scattered across the globe. Most, of course, are UK-based. Membership includes free copies of the Journal and access to many other RSF publications. If you're interested in joining, then details can be found here.

The RSF also publishes the bi-monthly Rough-Stuff Journal which is circulated to members free of charge. The Journal includes a wealth of news and trip reports from around the UK and further afield. Here's one of our older journals in PDF form for you to read at your leisure, we hope you enjoy it.

The RSF promotes responsible access to the countryside. We have a Code of Practice, which members are asked to adhere to. For legal reasons, the RSF has formed itself into a Company. More details of this, and of insurance issues, can be found on the Legal & Admin page.


Not for motor vehiclesIn The Beginning...

The history of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship goes way back to its foundation in 1955, long before anyone had ever heard of Marin County. It was formed by cyclists who wanted to get away from roads and cycle off-road on tracks, and byways.
Bikes then were a world away from their modern-day counterparts. Steel frames, no suspension, no disk or V-brakes and gearing to make your hair curl. That was only part of the story though. Clothing, too, has seen major advances in materials and design in the intervening years. Of course, some still prefer the more traditional approach...