RSFlogoWelcome To The RSF

The nationwide club for riders who enjoy a mix of on and off road cycling.



Who are We?

Riding in the LakesWell unlike your average off road cycling or mountain biking club the RSF has a lot going on for riders of all ages, abilities and interests. Whether you are after a gentle ride on the cycle paths, an outing on the local tracks and trails, all day back-country epics, or even multi day off road touring, you are sure to find some like-minded people to ride with.

 Want to Know More?

Take a tour around our site to find out more about us and see what our members are getting up to. Read the ride reports, browse the photos and for registered members you can find  downloadable GPS files of the route attached to some of our newer rides. The events calender. is the place to search for rides in your area  If you like what you see why not join us for the ride – all are welcome.


Still not convinced? Why not go to the new RSF Forum and introduce yourself, if you have any questions we'll try our best to answer them, especially if it's about cafe stops.